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staci22's Journal

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  • staci22@livejournal.com
People: johnny depp. wentworth miller. sarah wayne callies. keira knightley. evangeline lilly. kate winslet. diane kruger. topher grace. jenna fischer. john krasinski. brandon routh.

Movies: pirates of the caribbean. lord of the rings. titanic. win a date with tad hamilton. edward scissorhands. benny & joon. pride and prejudice. sleepy hollow. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. superman. little miss sunshine.

TV: prison break. heroes. supernatural. smallville. lost. the office. that 70's show.

Music: nickelback. three doors down. panic! at the disco. evanescence. lifehouse. creed. josh groban. goo goo dolls. green day. switchfoot.

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Favorite icon maker: xxflissxx_icons

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